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Salinas Valley PrimeCare Medical Group is Salinas's largest primary care/specialty medical group and has a long history of providing quality health care. PrimeCare's mission, from the start, has been to provide primary care to the Salinas Valley population, with an emphasis on "care".

PrimeCare as it exists today wasn't born until 1997, but its history goes back to 1958 when three physicians formed Salinas Valley Medical Group. Over the years other physicians have joined the practice eventually reaching today's staff of 17 doctors. While all providers are primary care physicians, each has an area of subspecialty that complements the overall practice. Endocrinology, women's health, internal medicine, osteopathy, surgery, pediatrics, and cardiology are all represented.

In addition to the doctors' offices and examining rooms, PrimeCare's 20,000-square-foot facility houses a full laboratory offering the extended service and convenience of on-site testing, plus four surgical procedure rooms that allow patients to undergo minor surgery on site.
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