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Welcome to PrimeCare Medical Group, your primary care facility following the Patient-Centered Medical Home model of care, which transforms the way primary care services are conveyed, focusing on prevention and wellness. This model follows a team-based approach with a fabulous care team that is committed to keeping you healthy, with you being the center of your care team! Your healthcare team includes your primary care provider of choice and takes on the responsibility for coordinating care across multiple settings in the broad health care system.


Being part of a Patient-Centered Medical Home comes with many wonderful additions which include comprehensive and coordinated care, patient-centered with you being a responsible contributor, accessible services, as well as safety and quality improvement. As your medical home, we request you provide your current medication list, regular updates to your medical history, update us with any changes in your health status, inform us of recent test results, share your self-care information, and update us on any recent hospitalizations, specialty care, or emergency department visits.


Receiving comprehensive and continuous coordinated care is one of our goals of PrimeCare, focusing on physical and mental health care needs. This includes, but is not limited to preventive care, acute care, chronic care, wellness care, behavioral and mental healthcare or end-of-life care. Our team-based care might contain physicians, physician assistants, nurses, educators, nutritionists, pharmacists, care coordinators and social workers within the practice as well as throughout the community. The primary care medical home coordinates care across multiple settings in the healthcare system including hospitals, specialty care, home health care, and community resources.


PrimeCare recognizes that you as the patient and your family are the center of your care team. As your medical home, we support all of our patients by educating them on organizing and managing their own individual care. Your care team provides you and your family access to self-management support and evidence-based care tools to assist with your health. Your medical home is about you, completely patient-centered!


As a medical home, providing accessible services is very important to us. Our practice follows open scheduling by reserving time for same day appointments. When calling for a same day appointment after 3pm, we may not be able to accommodate you but can schedule an appointment the following day or refer you to one of our urgent care clinics. We make every effort to accommodate requests for routine visits within fourteen days.


At PrimeCare, you have access to a member of the care team around the clock along with access to urgent care providers. At any time, during or after business hours, you may contact our office and receive clinical advice. When calling after business hours, your call will be answered by a live person at our answering service who will put you in touch with the provider on-call. In addition, patients can receive medical services after regular business hours at our urgent care clinic in North Salinas, Harden Urgent Care. Our care team at Harden Urgent Care has access to your medical record from PrimeCare and your urgent care visit will be shared with your primary physician, facilitating continuity of care and maintaining your complete medical history.


PrimeCare is committed to demonstrate safety and quality improvements. Patient-Centered Medical Homes are to allow whole-person care, at the same time as, improving quality measures. Quality improvements allow patients to rest assured that their healthcare is at the highest level of standards. Continuous quality improvement involves setting goals based on each patient's unique level of care. Safety is an extremely important part of PrimeCare's daily duties. As your primary care home, we strive to achieve improved performances as a whole.


PrimeCare encourages you to use the tools that the Patient-Centered Medical Home program provides. The Patient-Centered Medical Home model places you as the patient at the center of a team-based, physician-led approach to deliver healthcare. PrimeCare Medical Group is also working to achieve Level 3 National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) recognition for its Patient-Centered Medical Home program. We welcome this initiative and encourage you to engage in this journey with us.



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