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Fasting Instructions

Fasting Instructions
The following collection instructions are intended to help you collect the correct specimen for the test your clinician has requested.
First read the instructions carefully, make sure you are prepared, and then follow each of the steps to ensure proper collection.

You may be required to fast before having a blood test. This is because certain test values change following the digestion of food. The measurement of blood sugar (glucose) and some blood lipids (fats and cholesterol) are common examples.

If you are asked to fast for your test:
· Do not eat or drink anything (except water) for at least 8 hours before you go to the laboratory to have your blood taken. If your physician has ordered lipid tests, you must fast for at least 12 hours. You may drink water, but no juice, tea or coffee.
· Do not smoke, chew gum, or exercise. These activities may stimulate the digestive system and alter test results.
After the specimen is collected, you may resume your normal diet.

Questions & Answers

Why do I have to fast?
Some test values change following the digestion of food. For example, if you eat lots of sugar, your blood sugar will be high. When you are fasting, we get a base result that can be compared over time.

May I drink water?
Yes, you can drink water but not other kinds of drinks.

Should I continue to take my medications?
Yes, unless your doctor tells you not to.

May I drink juice?
No, just water.

May I drink coffee?
No, not even black without sugar, and the same goes for tea. You can drink water.

May I chew gum?
No, not even sugarless. Gum stimulates your digestive system and can alter the test results.

May I smoke?
No, smoking can affect the test results.

May I do my exercise routine?
No, exercise can also affect test results.

What time should I come to the laboratory? Most people find it convenient to stop eating and drinking in the evening and to arrive at the laboratory early the next morning. The laboratory opens at 7 AM, Monday – Friday.
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