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PrimeCare’s family practice group provides continuing general medical care for an individual or an entire family – from infant or children through geriatrics.  Your primary care physician plays an important role in screening for health conditions and diseases and in providing you with a sounding board for any concerns you may have with your health. In general, your primary care physician provides periodic health examinations, treats and manages routine illness (cold, earaches etc.), provides preventative health advice and services (flu shots & vaccinations), manages chronic illnesses, and refers or assists you with any specialty care you may need.

Our adult care includes management of most chronic illnesses, procedures such as vasectomy, removal of skin lesions and moles with biopsy’s and laceration repair.  PrimeCare physicians can perform physical exams including sports, employment and DMW, and administer drug tests.

Our women’s health care includes yearly exams as well as care through all stages of life. Gynecological procedures such as colposcopy and LEEP are done on-site.

Newborn care includes well-child visits and immunizations along with circumcision.

PrimeCare practitioners are committed to your good health. As part of this commitment, we recommend that you have an annual physical exam to evaluate your overall health status and to make sure you are not developing any unexpected problems or illnesses.

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