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PrimeCare's Pediatric team is made up of several Family Medicine Physicians, a Pediatrician, a nurse practitioner and many well qualified Medical Assistants.

At PrimeCare, comprehensive pediatric care starts at the beginning of life with our physicians caring for newborns at the local hospital, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. These doctors also care for sick babies who need to spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This care continues throughout childhood with frequent preventative medicine visits. All of our physicians currently take care of their own pediatric patients in the hospital.

Many are also well-trained to handle the unique medical concerns of adolescent patients, including gynecologic care. Laboratory services, X-ray, hearing and vision screening, and immunizations are some the ancillary services that we provide at PrimeCare.

To learn more about Pediatricians and Family Medicine doctors and the services they provide or to find information about your child's medical condition, please visit and

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